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About Us

Our tale began in 2017, but each day, with every click, every design,  every project and every client, a new chapter unfolds – a testament to our undying passion for organic, genuine, and deeply impactful visual storytelling.


Our Story

One Two Shoot Media is the team to call to create content across various industries.

One Two Shoot Media is a business that specialises in providing high-quality digital content to various industries and businesses. Focusing on video, photo, filmmaking and drone services, One Two Shoot Media is a one-stop-shop for companies that require creative and compelling visuals for their marketing, advertising, and business promotional needs.

From capturing engaging images of products to producing broadcast-quality video content, One Two Shoot Media works closely with its clients to understand their needs and campaign objectives and delivers outcomes that exceed expectations.

With a team of experienced and skilled professionals, One Two Shoot Media is dedicated to delivering outstanding service and exceptional quality to its clients. 

At One Two Shoot Media, our mission is to capture the essence of authenticity through the lens of creativity. We deliver top-tier photography, videography, and drone services to businesses, corporations, and enterprises. Our primary goal is to bring your projects to life, consistently meeting deadlines and budgets while fostering genuine connections.

We believe in real, candid conversations with our clients, diving deep into your vision to ensure we exceed your expectations. While we take our work seriously, we also infuse every project with a sense of fun and enthusiasm. As a young, agile team, we move swiftly to turn your ideas into vibrant realities, taking prompt action to transform your creative visions into memorable experiences.


Our Mission

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