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Aerial Construction and Development Photography

Aerial Construction and Development Photography

One Two Shoot Media specialises in aerial photography services in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Byron and beyond. We use the best drone technology to provide high-quality aerial photography at a competitive price. Whether you're a real estate agent showcasing a property, a construction project manager needing an overview of your development site, or a business looking to elevate your marketing materials, we've got you covered. One Two Shoot Media is Gold Coast's most reliable aerial drone photography brand. We are also highly skilled in delivering aerial video filming, professional photography and professional video production services. Contact us to have a free chat about your next creative project

Why Choose Our Aerial Drone Photography?

  1. High Quality Every Time: We don’t compromise on quality. Every shot we deliver is of the highest clarity, ensuring your marketing materials stand out and represent what you're showcasing.

  2. Real Estate Excellence: Homes, estates, and properties look all the more captivating when viewed from above. By employing our drone photography, real estate agents can offer potential buyers a bird's-eye view, adding a unique selling point to their listings.

  3. Construction Site Insights: Getting a comprehensive view of a ground-level construction site can be challenging. Our aerial photography services provide construction project managers with invaluable insights. See your construction project evolve, identify potential issues, and showcase your work from a grand perspective.

  4. The Perfect Marketing Tool: Photos captured from the sky can be a game-changer for your marketing materials. Offering a unique view bound to capture your audience's attention, our aerial shots are perfect for brochures, content, websites, and presentations.


Experience the Difference with Drone Photography

While traditional photography has its charm, there's something different about aerial shots. They capture aerial scenes in a way that is impossible to achieve from ground level, adding a touch of magic to every photo.

Aerial Drone Photography

Safety and Regulation Compliance

We are CASA-licensed and certified UAV operators. Our drone operators are trained and licensed professionals who always ensure the equipment's and the environment's safety. Additionally, we strictly adhere to all CASA regulations, ensuring that every flight is compliant, safe and responsible.

No matter your industry – be it real estate, construction, or marketing – aerial drone photography is a tool that can elevate your project or development site to new heights. We're confident we can meet and exceed your expectations with our dedication to high quality and customer satisfaction.

Contact us today, and let's take your visuals from ground level to the skies!

Aerial Drone Hyperlapse

Do you have a project that needs aerial drone photography?
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