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Thermal Drone Search and Rescue

Emergency Response with Thermal Drones

In the fast-paced realm of search and rescue, every second counts. Our search and rescue drones are equipped with advanced thermal imaging to optimise emergency response, ensuring that every mission is most likely to succeed.

Why Choose Our SAR Drones for Critical Missions?

High-Resolution Thermal Imaging: Our drones offer high-resolution thermal camera capabilities, picking up even the faintest heat signatures. This means whether you're searching for lost stock on a vast farm or pinpointing the location of a missing person, our SAR drones are up to the task.

Real-time Command Center Integration: All data captured by our drones is streamed in real-time to the command centre. This seamless integration facilitates swift, informed decisions, enhancing the efficiency of search and rescue operations.

Cover Large Areas Rapidly: The ability to cover large areas quickly is vital in search and rescue missions. Our drones can swiftly navigate vast terrains, ensuring ground crews can focus on specific regions with potential findings.

Our Thermal Drone Fleet

DJI Matrice 300 RTK + H20T

Mavic 3 Thermal Enterprise

Applications of Our Search and Rescue Drones

  • Locate Missing Persons: Our drones swiftly and accurately locate missing individuals, leveraging body heat detection even in challenging environments.

  • Lost Pet and Animal Search: Lost pets and stock are invaluable to their owners. With our pet search and rescue capabilities, we can assist in locating lost animals, ensuring their safe return.

  • Supporting Ground Crews: By providing aerial insights, our drones bolster the efforts of search and rescue teams on the ground, ensuring comprehensive search efforts.


Unparalleled Features of Our SAR Drones

  1. Emergency Response Ready: Our drones are always ready to deploy, ensuring timely reactions to critical situations.

  2. Integration with SAR Operations: Designed to complement traditional SAR operations, our drones provide an aerial advantage to search and rescue teams.

  3. Drones Equipped for Excellence: Beyond thermal imaging, our drones come with additional features that make them indispensable for search and rescue missions.


Thermal Drones can assist in locating missing animals

In dense bushland, many animals are masters of camouflage, making them exceedingly challenging to spot when they go missing. Traditional search methods, like scat surveys or using head torches for spotlighting, are often seen as too localized or excessively labour-intensive and expensive when it comes to efficiently finding lost pets or livestock.

One Two Shoot Media can significantly reduce the time it takes to locate these missing animals. We utilize cutting-edge technology that incorporates high-resolution thermal imaging drones, providing live feedback directly to our ground station. We understand that for many, a pet is like a cherished family member and livestock is a significant investment.

Our mission is to offer a more effective and budget-friendly solution for locating your lost animals. We boast both daytime and nighttime aerial search capabilities bolstered by thermal imaging. The only constraint we face in providing this support is the weather. Whether you need thermal drone services in Sydney or a broader search and rescue mission, we're here to assist.


Elevating Search & Rescue Operations

As pioneers in the field, we understand the immense responsibility that comes with search and rescue operations. With our drones equipped for precise thermal imaging, we aim to redefine the very essence of search and rescue missions, offering unparalleled support to ground crews and command centres.

Join us in our mission to elevate search and rescue operations. Together, we can ensure no stone is left unturned, and every mission is a step closer to success. Connect with us today to learn more about how our thermal drone solutions can serve your needs.


Need assistance for a search and rescue operation?

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