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Commercial Drone Services

With the recent rise of Drone Technology, conventional methods of asset inspection, surveying, and mapping come with high costs and inefficiencies, sometimes putting workers at higher risks. The innovation of Drones, referred to as UAVs, brings forth an economical and secure solution. Let One Two Shoot Media guide your business towards harnessing this transformative technology, setting a new asset management and spatial mapping standard.

Industries we service

Construction Progress

Construction Progress

Real Estate | Construction | Infrastructure

Aerial Time Lapse

With the latest in drone technology and cutting-edge software, One Two Shoot Media is able to re-create the exact same photo every week, fortnight, or month over the course of the project. We can also reconstruct your site in a 3D model, creating the best visual display for your client.

Construction Timelapse

Survey & Mapping

Survey & Mapping

2D | 3D & Volume

Drones can produce detailed and precise visuals ideal for mapping and land surveying tasks.

At One Two Shoot Media, we can deploy and have our drones airborne within minutes of reaching the location, delivering a user-friendly interface in merely a few hours!

The aerial photos provided are georeferenced and orthorectified with remarkable precision, allowing for direct measurements from the drone-captured imagery. With sub-centimetre level accuracy, such measurements include area, distance, volume calculations, and elevation models.

Our drones are pre-configured to navigate predetermined routes to maximise accuracy and efficiency, making them an excellent choice for time-lapse analyses in construction, commercial real estate, and beyond.

drone 3d modelling and volume measurements
Stockpiles or volume estimates

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Drone Renders

Drone Renders

CGI Back Plate Imagery

One Two Shoot Media blends cutting-edge drone technology and our creative flair to produce still plate, 180 & 360-degree imagery with Drones so that 3D & and CGI artists can use these images as a back plate for 3D building renders.

We can capture imagery at the exact level of each floor of the development, which can be used to provide realistic views and lighting for the interior 3D renders.

3D Renders are very important for your unbuilt development. They will help you present, and connect but ultimately sell your development.

3D Drone render of a new developement on the gold coast
Drone Back Plate Imagery

Drone Inspections

Drone Inspections

Cost Effective | Safe | Efficient

Dangerous heights and complex areas are just some challenges faced when inspecting machinery, towers, buildings or other vital assets. OH&S and safety are paramount, and when operational shutdowns are required for human inspections, this can be time-poor and costly.


  • Cost - Conducting an inspection of your asset using a drone while it's still in operation can offer significant time and cost savings.

  • Risk - Keep your staff out of harm's way & and machinery safe with low-risk operations of a drone within dangerous areas and situations.

  • Information - Information is the key with asset inspections, drones allow a higher quality of data and get answers within minutes, not hours.

Asset inspection of roof cable on a building's roof
Roof Cable Inspection

Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Extra Bird's Eye Angle

Elevate your live-stream production with One Two Shoot Media. We allow drones to capture and broadcast high-quality, real-time video.

Our live streams are distinguished by their crystal-clear 4k+ resolution and, with zoom lenses, allow the viewers to be immersed in your event whilst showing an authentic experience. This service is great for live events such as sports, concerts or racing.

Trust us in our technology and expertise to bring unparalleled viewing experiences with the utmost reliability.

drone photo of sail paradise gold coast
Yacht Racing - Gold Coast

Film & TV

Film & TV

Music Video | TVC | Shorts | Feature

At One Two Shoot Media, we have had on-set experience in various productions. Using a drone can help tell the narrative of your Short Film, TVC or Feature Film.

We are licensed to operate FPV Drones with options for close proximity operations.

We are self-sufficient and can charge and operate back-to-back flights, ensuring we are ready to go at the director's call!

drone photo of a mclauren supercar from a photoshoot
Supercar Shoot

Search and Rescue

Live Streaming

Thermal Imaging

Our advanced search and rescue drone technology saves lives and locates a missing person or, in some cases, lost pets.


Equipped with thermal imaging, these drones can see what the human eye can't. These drones provide quick and efficient aerial support in time-critical situations.

Two Koala's in a tree

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