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Drone Photography & Videography

Aerial Photography Gold Coast

One Two Shoot Media is an expert in creative and commercial aerial photography and videography, real estate photography, building views and levels, and corporate and event drone videography.

Discover the power of aerial drone technology and transform your asset management processes.

Dangerous heights and complex areas are just some challenges when inspecting machinery, towers, buildings or other vital assets. OH&S and safety are paramount; when operational shutdowns are required for human inspections, this can be time-poor and costly. It doesn't have to be that way. Using a drone improves safety dramatically and allows us to conduct aerial inspections with minimal downtime.

Drone inspections remove all the risk and complexity out of asset inspections, as drones can move faster, more economically and bring more data post-inspection than ever before

Why Choose Aerial Drone Inspections?

The question isn't why, but rather why not? With our aerial drone inspection services, we offer the following:

🚀 Efficiency

  • Gone are the days of manual, time-consuming processes. Our drone fleet can swiftly cover expansive areas such as solar farms, roof spans, and farming land, capturing high-resolution imagery and data that ensure comprehensive and precise assessments.

🔍 Precision

  • We pride ourselves on precision. Our state-of-the-art data-capturing mechanisms, including intricate 3D models, guarantee a thorough analysis of assets. Whether inspecting wind turbines, high-rise buildings, or vast solar farms, our inspections cover every detail, nook, and cranny, providing actionable insights and data.

🛡 Safety

  • One of the paramount concerns in manual inspections is safety. The risks associated with inspecting high-rise structures or wind turbines are significant. Our aerial inspection solutions significantly improve safety, ensuring personnel are kept out of harm's way.

Our Comprehensive Services

Solar Farms Inspection

  • Solar energy is a booming industry, and ensuring the optimal performance of solar panels is crucial. Our aerial drone technology provides comprehensive inspections, ensuring each panel functions at its best. We can swiftly detect defects, inefficiencies, or damages, enabling quicker fixes and sustained energy output.

Wind Turbines Inspection

  • The gentle giants of renewable energy, wind turbines, require regular maintenance. With their towering heights, manual inspection can be challenging and hazardous. Our drones make this process simpler and safer. We provide regular check-ups, identifying potential wear and tear or any other anomalies that, if addressed promptly, can prevent larger, costlier future problems.

High-Rise & Building Surveys

  • The skyline of our cities is dotted with majestic high-rise buildings. Ensuring their structural integrity, facade conditions, and overall maintenance can be daunting. But with our aerial asset inspections, we can easily assess these structures. We offer insights into the structural integrity and exterior aspects without the hazards and limitations of manual methods.


Commercial Real Estate Photography

In the asset management landscape, the distinction between traditional methods and modern drone technology is stark. Traditional inspections cover vast areas, but often with a sacrifice in detail, precision, or safety. On the other hand, our cutting-edge aerial drone technology redefines these parameters.

Organizations can witness a transformative shift in their inspection processes by adopting drone technology. Capture data faster, reduce risks, and create detailed 2D or 3D models. These are just a few of the many advantages available.

About Us

In our journey at the forefront of aerial asset inspections, we've been steadfast in our mission: integrating drone technology seamlessly into asset management processes. Our team, a blend of seasoned industry experts and young innovators, ensures you receive quality, safety, and efficiency in all our inspection services.

Beyond being just a service provider, we envision ourselves as partners to our clients. We continuously invest in research and development, ensuring that our drone technology remains at the cutting edge, offering unparalleled benefits.

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